Window Sills, Heads & Surrounds

At Mexboro, we believe the finishing touches matter. We manufacture a wide range of precast and cast stone window sills and heads to suit all architecture.

Decorative Window Sills, Heads, Lintels & Surrounds

Decorative sills, heads and surrounds can transform how a building looks, complementing the masonry or breathing new life into an outdated design.

No matter what you’re working on, we can create the perfect sills, heads, surrounds and decorative lintels for your project.

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Cast Stone Sills, Heads & Surrounds

Traditional sills and heads were made of painted wood. These fixtures usually don’t last long, as exposure to the elements causes them to quickly crack and fade. UPVC trim is a modern alternative, but can look too artificial for some people’s tastes.

Cast stone is the perfect solution. Unlike wood or UPVC, it offers the best of both worlds: durability and natural beauty. It is highly resistant to damage, comes in a variety of natural colours, and suits both modern and classic architecture.

At Mexboro, we have our own stone crushing plant and use a mix of aggregates for a natural finish. The end result is virtually indistinguishable from quarried stone, but at a fraction of the cost.

Precast Concrete Sills, Heads & Surrounds

A combination of sand, pebbles, gravel, and cement, precast concrete is sturdy and highly resistant to wear and tear. It’s ideal for projects where appearance is a secondary concern, such as large wall panel units.

Because it uses inexpensive aggregates and doesn’t require surface finishing, precast concrete is a very affordable option.

Mexboro’s precast sills, heads and surrounds use high-quality aggregates and are tested for strength and integrity, ensuring they will last a lifetime.

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We can create sills, heads and surrounds of any shape in our pattern and mould-making workshop, from simple lines to the most intricate of designs. This means we can undertake specialist projects that would be too expensive to achieve with natural stone.

Depending on your preference, our sills can either be supplied as straight sections without stooled ends, or with different width stool ends.


Colours and Finishes

Our cast stonework comes in a range of natural stone finishes, including Portland, Hamstone, Bathstone, and Red Sandstone. Thanks to precise pigmentation control, we can change their colours with ease.

For a rustic look, exposed-aggregate finishes are available in natural granite and limestone. Units can be polished to reveal the natural stone face if a more refined style is preferred.

Our precast concrete comes in standard grey, but alternate colours can be manufactured to order. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with us on 01803 558025.

cast stone finishes

Why Choose Mexboro for Your Window Sills and Heads?

Mexboro are renowned in the UK for our quality of service, materials, and expertise. We combine years of experience with the finest materials, ensuring you’ll receive the outstanding results you’re looking for.

Full Service: We provide a comprehensive service covering everything from 3D design to delivery. No matter how complex the project, we’ll handle each step with a high level of care, accuracy, and precision.

Quality Control: We’re passionate about the quality of our results, which is why we thoroughly test our sills and heads with third-party institutions and our own UKAS-calibrated testing equipment.


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