Wide Slab Plank Flooring

Laying concrete slabs is a long and arduous process, especially when it’s over a wide area. Not only does it eat into your construction time, but it can end up costing much more than expected thanks to the props needed to support the planks while you build. Luckily, there’s a solution: wide slab flooring.

Wide Slab Flooring from Mexboro

Wide slab flooring involves using long, prestressed concrete floor planks supported by masonry walls or a frame structure. Ideal for areas where a large span or high load-bearing capacities are needed, they help you save time and money during construction.

Mexboro are specialists in all things concrete, from slab flooring to lintels. We offer a wide range of precast concrete services, and will create high-quality wide slab flooring for your project.

At Mexboro, we manufacture 115mm, 150mm, and 200mm wide slab plank flooring units, in both solid and lighter hollow-core formats.

We can also manufacture our PCC floors to accommodate various end details, such as:

  • Continuity reincorcement through notching
  • Tapering of ends for seating on reduced depth shelf angles
  • Steel trimmer beams where an opening is required

For detailed specifications, read through our brochure below and for a quote on wide slab concrete flooring, contact our team today on 01803 558025.

Benefits of Wide Slab Flooring

Using our precast wide slab concrete flooring comes with a wealth of benefits, including:
Speed of Installation

Our planks can be installed quickly, regardless of weather conditions.

Early Working Platforms

When planks are laid and grouted, the floor can be used as an immediate working platform.

Fewer Foundations Needed

Internal partition walls can often be carried by the planks, eliminating the cost of additional foundations.

No Props

Precast plank floors have excellent span load capabilities and rarely require propping.

Fire Resistance

Standard Mexboro planks have a fire resistance of one hour minimum. The application of various finishes may increase this length.

Sound Resistance

Mexboro plank floors offer excellent resistance to the passage of sound, whether impact or airborne.

Site Services

Because we precast them in our factory, service voids can be incorporated within the slab. You can therefore avoid carrying out the labour intensive and costly shuttering process on site.

Early, Accurate Quote

You’ll receive an accurate and competitively priced quote as early as the design stage.

Hollowcore Wide Slab Planks

Alongside solid wide slabs, we also manufacture concrete hollowcore wide slabs.

Sometimes called voided slabs, these have tubular gaps inside that run the full length of the slab. Not only does this gap reduce building costs, but it also makes them significantly lighter and easier to handle.

These slabs have excellent fire resistance and sound insulation, and eliminate the need to drill into them for electrical and plumbing units.

To find out more about our hollowcore concrete planks, contact our team today on 01803 558025.

Why Choose Mexboro for Your Concrete Wide Slab Flooring?

With 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing wide slab plank flooring, Mexboro’s skill and expertise is unmatched.

Expert Methods: To guarantee uniformity of finish, we manufacture our PCC plank flooring under highly controlled conditions. We use AutoCAD software for the design and detailing to ensure excellent accuracy, and use a computer-controlled weigh batch and mixing facility for a consistently high quality of concrete.

Quality Control: By testing our slabs with both third-party institutions and our own UKAS-calibrated testing equipment, we guarantee our work meets the exceptional standards we are known for.


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