Concrete Floors

Mexboro are leading suppliers of precast concrete flooring planks, blocks and beams. All of our concrete flooring products are prestressed to guarantee excellent durability, and undergo vigorous testing to ensure they are compliant with British Standards. Our use of AutoCAD design software ensures that all our planks and beams are manufactured with unrivalled accuracy, resulting in the best fit for your construction project.

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Beam and Block Flooring

If you are looking to keep costs and installation time to a minimum, then beam and block flooring is an excellent option – it creates a safe working platform as soon it is laid. Unlike ready-mix concrete, beam and block flooring can easily be installed in all weathers, saving you valuable time on your project. It is also suitable for both ground and upper floor applications.

At Mexboro, we have decades of experience supplying clients with high-quality beam and block flooring products. Our concrete T-beams are available at both 155mm or 220mm depths.

You can find out more information about our beam and block flooring products here, in the brochure below, or by calling us direct on 01803 558025. We will be happy to advise you.

Precast Wide Slab Floors

Our concrete wide slab flooring – or concrete plank flooring – is durable, efficient and versatile. All slabs are manufactured in accordance with British Standards and undergo rigorous quality checks at our manufacturing plant to ensure outstanding quality on every project.

We manufacture both pre-stressed solid planks as well as hollowcore floors. Hollowcore slabs contain cylindrical voids which make them much lighter in weight and cheaper to produce, whilst still providing exceptional weight-bearing capabilities.

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