Cast Stone Door & Porch Surrounds

Enhance the beauty of your door or entranceway with our premium selection of cast stone door surrounds, made bespoke for your project.

Decorative Cast Stone Door & Porch Surrounds from Mexboro

A cast stone door surround makes a beautiful and practical addition to any entrance, providing a grand and welcoming focal point. Our range of door and porch surrounds come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to suit different architectural styles and your personal preference.

For more detailed specifications regarding our range of cast stone door surrounds, contact us online or call us on 01803 558025. You can also browse our brochure below for additional information.

cast stone door surround

Bespoke Cast Stone Door & Porch Surrounds


Our pattern and mould-making workshop allows us to create door or porch surrounds of any design, including both straight and curved lines. This makes it possible for us to undertake specialist projects that would be too costly to achieve with natural stone.

Colours and Finishes

Our entranceway surrounds are available in a range of cast stone finishes, including:

  • Portland
  • Hamstone
  • Bathstone
  • Red Sandstone

If the above colours aren’t the right fit, we offer precise pigmentation control to easily modify the colour of the stonework according to your preference.

For a more rustic look, we also provide exposed-aggregate finishes in natural granite and limestone. Alternatively, units can be polished to reveal the natural stone face for a more refined style.

Design Detailing

In addition to crafting your door surrounds, we provide detailing services for surrounding units. This results in a harmonious design where each element is flawlessly matched to create a cohesive look.

Contact Mexboro today to discuss your requirements and let us create a custom door or porch surround tailored to your unique requirements.

Why Choose Mexboro for Cast Stone Door Surrounds?

For over 50 years, Mexboro has specialised in crafting high-quality architectural cast stone that elevates the look of any building.

Craftsmanship: Our manufacturing process has been perfected to an art over the course of several decades. Our stonework is renowned for its exceptional quality, strength, and beauty, making it the ideal finishing touch for any structure.

Expert Advice: We’re always on hand to provide expert advice on fixing your new surrounds to the door area. Alternatively, we can refer you to companies that specialise in installing them.

Quality Control: We subject each piece to rigorous testing using our own UKAS-calibrated equipment to ensure that it meets our high standards. In addition, we collaborate with third-party institutions to guarantee long-lasting quality.

Full Service: Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from 3D design to delivery. No matter how complex your project is, we’ll approach each step with meticulous care, accuracy, and precision.


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