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Mexboro Concrete has over fifty years experience in the production of high quality precast concrete staircase components and systems.    

Mexboro Concrete Lorry circa     

Mexboro’s purpose built factory with its fully computerized mixing, mould making, steel assembly, finishing and quality control departments produces solid stair flights, individual step and riser units and also specialised stair systems such as spirals. Mexboro’s experienced management team offers a comprehensive design and delivery service.        


The Mexboro system combines ease of construction, economical costs and a high quality finish.  Mexboro’s variable geometry electronic staircase mould  (manufactured in Germany by provides a huge variety of different risers and goings enabling the manufacture of virtually all stairs. The use of this adjustable stair case mould means that the cost of mould and form work is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Please go to  for the latest UK Regulations and guidance. 

In the event that one of our standard systems is not suitable we are delighted to produce a bespoke staircase to suit your requirements. The following photographs illustrate the types of moulds used:

For further details please download our stairs brochure:

Stair Brochure

Curved Stairs

 curved stair mouldCurved stair case mouldSteel reinforcement in staircase mould

Placing concrete and filling mouldTrowel finishing stair soffit

Curved stairway - Placing lifting chainsBreaking the mouldprecast concrete curved stair

Concrete curved stairwayLoading pre cast curved stair onto lorryprecast concrete curving stairway

Spiral Stairs






  • Speed of Erection Mexboro Precast Stairs are quick and easy to erect and provide instant access once placed.  They can be erected in all weathers
  • Economic Cost No need for costly shuttering, concrete placing, propping and finishing on site.  In most cases inexpensive beam and block landings can be used which also reduces the need for cranes.
  • Quality of Finish Mexboro Stairs are produced in either high quality steel moulds or, in the case of tailor made units, bespoke hand finished timber moulds produced by our highly experience carpenters
  • Versatility If a standard stair system cannot be used Mexboro will produce a precast alternative to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Typical Standard Stair Layout –  with Intermediate Landings

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Steel beams or precast landings can be built in as the work progresses, with flights installed on a floor by floor basis, or in one final operation to save on crane time.

standard stair layout      

Standard Stair Layout – with intermediate beam and block landing 

stair layout with beam and block landing    

Typical Standard Stair Layout – with Full Storey Height Flights

  • Landings can be wide span plank floor, beam and block or solid precast concrete. 

stair layout with full storey height flights

Texture and Finish

A variety of textures and finishes are available including: wet cast, acid etch, exposed aggregate and polishing to simulate marble.  Slip resistant inserts are also available.        

range of finshes from wet cast, acid etch, exposed aggregate and slip resistant

A wide variety of proprietory products are available which can be either incorporated at the time of manufacture or applied on site.  For full details please go to

coloured anti slip inserts


Please contact Mexboro to find out more about our standard stairflights.  If none are suitable we are able to produce a bespoke stairflight to suit your  requirements. 

Building Regulations

The required and approved dimensions for stairs as set out in ‘Document K’ are as follows, but please always check that you have the most up to date guidance and use the link below for more detailed information on the latest UK Building regulations. We strongly recommend that the client checks the usage of any of the above steps with building control for their particular application, prior to ordering. 

Planning Portal Website 

Step Table showing min and max ride and goings DEFINITIONS 

Private stairs intended to be used for only one dwelling with a maximum rise of 220mm and a minimum going of 220mm. A maximum pitch of 42° is stipulated for domestic stairs.
Institutional and assembly stairs serving a place where a substantial number of people will gather, with a maximum rise of 150mm and a minimum going of 280mm.
Other stairs covers all other types of buildings, with a maximum rise of 190mm and a minimum going of 250mm. 

The normal relationship between the dimensions of the rise and going can be expressed as detailed in Approved Document K, which states that twice the rise plus the going (2R+G) should be between 550mm and 700mm. 

Height of Handrails Document K states that flights should have a handrail on at least one side if they are less than one metre wide and on both sides if they are wider than one metre.  There is no need for handrails beside the bottom two steps of a stairway.  Minimum domestic handrail heights of 900mm for both stairs and landings, public handrail heights should be a minimum of 900mm on stairs and 1100mmm on landings. 

Pitch the angle between the pitch line (notional line connecting nosings) and the horizontal. The maximum pitch for domestic stairs is 42°, semi-public stairs, eg factories, offices and common stairs serving more than one dwelling, 38° and public stairs, eg places of public assembly, 33°.
It is also a Building Regulations requirement that no openings in any balustrading should allow the passage of a 100mm sphere.

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