Green Issues

Mexboro’s precast concrete together with its off-site manufacture mean that it has many environmental benefits making it the obvious choice for specifiers, architects and main contractors alike.

Precast concrete is a very versatile building material with many inherent sustainability benefits such as its durability, acoustic performance, stability, fire resistance, robustness and strength.  With global warming and the need to reduce CO2 emmissions from air conditioning and heating systems,  the advantages of the thermal mass properties of precast concrete are increasingly being recognised making it a very acceptable/green choice as a building material.

At Mexboro we are committed to reducing waste and improving efficiency.  We always  ensure that our environmental impact is kept to a minimum in our sourcing of materials, conservation of energy and manufacturing methods, recycling of waste,  transportation of goods and reduction of pollution.

The  majority of materials are obtained locally and are also secondary sourced – such as the sand which is a waste product from the china clay industry.  Cement substitutes are used wherever possible and, if not, the cement comes from ISO 14001 accredited firms within the UK.   We only use recycled steel in our reinforcement, and all the timber from our mould manufacturing is recycled after use whenever possible.  All our primary packing materials are made from recycled resources and  polystyrene and pallets are recycled after use.

Because our products are made in the purpose built factory there is much less environmental impact at the customer’s building site in the way of noise, traffic, waste and air pollution.

Mexboro is in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 status and a copy of the Company’s Environmental Policy is available on request.

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