Wideslab Floors 115mm, 150mm, 200mm



Installing plank floors on site

Mexboro manufactures 115mm, 150mm and 200mm wideslab plank flooring units, in both solid and lighter hollow formats (otherwise called hollo core) floors.

For further details please download our Plank Floor brochure:

Plank floor brochure

Benefits of utilising Mexboro Plank Floors
Speed of installation
– irrelevant of most weather conditions creates savings in labour costs.
Early working Platforms – when planks are laid and grouted, the floor can be used as an immediate working platform.
Savings in Foundations – Internal partition walls can often be carried by the planks.
No Props – Precast Plank floors have excellent span load capabilities and rarely require propping.
Site services – being precast within our factory, service voids can be incorporated within the slab and therefore avoid the labour intensive and costly shuttering on site.

Accurate costings – can be made from the design stage.
Fire Resistance – Standard Mexboro Planks have a fire resistance of 1 hour minimum. The application of various finishes may increase this figure.

Sound Resistance – Mexboro Plank floors offer excellent resistance to the passage of sound whether impact or airborne.


Mexboro Plank Floors have been designed in accordance with the following British
BS8100:1:1997 – Structural use of Concrete:
Code of practice for design and construction.
BS8110:2:1985 – Structural use of Concrete:
Code of practice for special circumstances.
BS5896:1980 – Specification for high tensile steel wire and strand for the pre-stressing of concrete.
Mexboro pre-stressed units are designed as class 2 to BS8110. Furthermore, Planks are checked for compliance on each specific job undertaken and the utilisation of autocad software for the design/detailing ensures excellent accuracy.

Quality Control
Mexboro precast floors are manufactured in an internal factory environment under controlled conditions ensuring an excellent uniformity of finish. The computer controlled weigh batch and mixing facility provides for a consistent quality of concrete. Mexboro operates its own NAMAS calibrated testing equipment and cubes are cured and crushed to ensure the concrete is at the desired strength.

Dimensional checks are carried out, both at the time of setting out the pre-stressed casting beds and upon marking up and storage in our yard, prior to transportation.

Plank Floor Deliveries – Important Notes:

All planks must be lifted by the lifting loops provided.  Where lifting loops are not provided then the planks should be lifted with slings from above and never from below with forklifts etc..

Where planks are stacked for temporary storage it is essential that the ground is flat, firm and suitable for the weight to be loaded on it.  One bearer should be placed at either end between planks and these should all be placed above/below each other in line. (See drawing below)

Allow I hour for lorry offloading on all deliveries to site.

Bearings (See Illustrations below)
The recommendations regarding bearings can be found in clause 5.2,3 of BS8110:1:1997. In general minimum bearings of 100mm on masonry and 75mm on steelwork are recommended. Mexboro Plank floors can be manufactured to accommodate various different end details for example, the inclusion of
continuity reinforcement through notching. Tapering of ends for seating on reduced depth shelf angles or, the inclusion of steel trimmer beams where an opening is required.Trimmer beams are mild steel and due allowance should be made by the contractor for protection.

Steel Trimmer Beam for Openings

Steel Trimmer Beam for openings

Load Span Tables


Load Span Tables for 115mm, 150mm and 200mm Solid Wideslab Floors

115 150 200 Load Span Table

Hollo precast floor beam span tables 150mm and 200mm

150mm and 200mm Hollo Beam Span Table

Sound Resistance

The following extracts E-FC-1, E-FC4, E-FC-5, E-FC-8, E-FC-9, E-FC11, E-FC-12 and E-FC-13 issued by Robust Details Limited show methods of floor construction and finish which, if constructed  in accordance with their handbook, may be used in completely new build attached dwellings as an alternative means of complying with building regulations  (England and Wales) Part E, Requirement E1.  For the latest details and further information regarding the Part E Robust Details scheme, please contact Robust Details Ltd., at www.robustdetails.com.

Robust details E-FC-1 Concrete Plank Floor

Robust details E-FC-4 Precast Concrete Plank Floor

robust details E-FC-5

Robust details for E-FC-8

Robust details E-FC-9

Robust details E-FC-11

Robust details E-FC-12 Concrete Plank Floor

Robust details E-FC-13 Precast Concrete Plank Floor

For the latest details and further information regarding the Part E Robust Details scheme, please contact Robust Details Ltd., at www.robustdetails.com.

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