Precast Concrete Stairs

Wide slab floor beamsMexboro Beam and Block Flooring System







For over fifty years Mexboro Concrete has specialized in the manufacture of high quality structural precast concrete and architectural cast stone.

If it can be precast in concrete it can be made by Mexboro.  Based in Devon, the Company has supplied its wide range of standard products along with bespoke units to many prestigious multi-million pound public sector, commercial and housing projects throughout the UK and overseas.

Mexboro utilizes both the wet-cast and semi-dry methods of cast stone manufacture specializing in meeting the custom made designs of the specifier within cost and time limits. Mexboro can produce units up to an individual weight of ten tonnes and its modern factory with computerized mixing, mould and pattern making, steel assembly, finishing and quality control departments ensures exceptional standards. Mexboro also has an extensive range of standard structural components including staircases, balustrading and architectural cast stone items.

Concrete Cladding Units

Millstone for Exeter City Council


Mexboro prides itself in replicating natural stone when manufacturing cast stone and has its own stone crushing plant. Natural aggregates are used creating a finish virtually indistinguishable from quarried stone but at a fraction of the cost. Mexboro has many balustrading and staircases to show you as examples. Mexboro’s standard colour range includes Bath, Portland, Ham, Cotswold, York, Red Sandstone and Hamstone, but with precise pigment control virtually any colour or shade can be achieved. Acid etch, exposed aggregate, wetcast, grit blast, bush hammer and polished ‘marble’ finishes are all available throughout our cast stone range.

Talk to us about your requirements. Our technical and sales staff will be happy to supply quotations for precast concrete products (such as plank and beam and block floors,  stair cases and step units and sea defence panels) or for cast stone products from our standard range  (such as balustrading, window surrounds, quoins, cills and columns) or for any bespoke cast stone products.

 Courses and Window SurroundsCast stone temple at Harrods VillageCast stone window heads, quoin stones and columnsHand finishing Cast Stone Architrave

Quoin stones and window headsCast stone balustrading

Cast stone porticoMexboro Portico and ballustrading

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